Review for the original 25 minute version performed at the International Cringe:

“The musical madness of Zombie Strippers was, without a doubt, the most entertaining show of the night. One could go as far as to say the writer and cast took all the elements of a bad 1950’s B-movie and successfully produced them on stage in musical form. Everything about this show was phenomenal; the acting, the singing, the dancing.

All outstanding and entertaining enough that when it ends you find yourself wanting another act and convinced this show could go longer and become a hit as a larger production all on its own. Jeannine Elizebeth Yoder, on her third character of the evening, creates a Marilyn Monroe meets Betty Boop persona that goes over the top in the most appropriate and convincing way, utilizing her ample vocal abilities in more ways than one. Michael Keenan-Miller plays a Kevin Federline inspired character, appropriately named Playya, to perfection with clever lyrics and sexual dance moves that will keep you laughing and wanting more. And who doesn’t love the idea of three un-dead strippers; played by Lauren Schacher, Hollye Gilbert, and Jennifer Leah Gottlieb (Ratt Fink Cover Girl for April) performing a disturbingly sexy dance number that will make you think twice about necrophilia. This musical could easily be a full show, and I encourage all who were involved in its creation to make this a reality. Zombie Strippers is definitely something special. “


Eric Gonzales, reviewer,